Mastitis ring trial 


Mastitis ring trial 


The External quality assurrance system (EQAS) for identification of mastitis pathogens is a means of assessing the ability of veterinarians and veterinary technicians dealing with microbiological laboratory work. 

Bacterial species causing mastitis is frequent and proper quality assured diagnosis and identification of the causative agent is important to ensure optimal treatment and control strategies. Our ring trial focuses on all normally occurring mastitis pathogens as well as on bacteria that can cause differential diagnostic problems. The mastitis ring trial is organised by the National Veterinary Institute, Technical University of Denmark.

The ring trial and the result
The ring trial consists of 15 milk samples, inoculated with isolates of mastitis pathogens. The National Veterinary Institute sends the samples to your practice as previously announced, and you carry out identification and determination of resistance as usual. You report the results to a log-in protected database on the internet, where all data are saved, and an automated report on the result and possible mistakes are generated. When the trial is completed an adequate report on the aggregate result is sent to you, containing our suggestions to improvement of methods. If you participate for several years in succession, you have the opportunity to measure the improvement in your results. The individual veterinary practice is kept anonymous in the ring trial and all results are treated confidentially.


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