Antimicrobial susceptibility 



Antimicrobial susceptibility


The National Food Institute acts as the WHO Collaborating Centre for antimicrobial resistance and as European Community Reference Laboratory for antimicrobial resistance in food-borne pathogens.

The institute is responsible for conducting:

  • WHO GFN External Quality Assurance System (EQAS) for Salmonella serotyping and antimicrobial susceptibilty testing methods
  • EURL External Quality Assurance System for susceptibility testing of SalmonellaCampylobacterE.coli, enterococci and stahpylococci.

Through Dianova it is possible for private laboratories to join the External Quality Assurance Systems, please contact us for more information.



We have science-based expertise in the prevention of diseases and zoonoses covering the entire chain from "farm to fork".


Dianova organises training courses on topics related to animal health and food safety world wide.

Laboratory development

We cover all aspects needed to develop a laboratory to perform food safety analyses and assesment according to international standards, including monitoring. 

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