We have science-based expertise in the prevention of diseases and zoonoses covering the entire chain from "farm to fork".


Denmark is one of the most efficient countries in the EU when it comes to control and reduction of salmonella in food. 

Disease prevention and monitoring

We give advice concerning the control and eradication of infectious diseases and offer health monitoring and surveillance in herds of production animals.


Laboratory development

We cover all aspects needed to develop a laboratory to perform food safety analyses and assesment according to international standards, including monitoring. 

Research and development

Dianova participate in research and development projects that support our areas of business. 

Food export to the EU

Consultancy on food safety, standards and regulations to companies wanting to export food products to EU member states. 

Risk assessment of food and production

We cooperate with the food industry within risk assessment of food and production processes. 

Assessment of food suppliers

We provide guidance on the requirements to be met, perform audits and evaluate the potential suppliers.

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