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Ongoing projects 


Objective: Development of Brain Compute Interface platform. First product should enable communication with caregivers/relatives for patients/citizens who have lost the ability to speak and move, either completely or severely. The technologi platformalso has great potential in application for agriculture.

Starting date: 2017


Objective: Project for validation of a new portable diagnostic instrument for detection of food borne and avian pathogens.

Starting date: 2017


Objective: Development of a portable diagnostic instrument for fast detection of food borne pathogens at the point-of-need.      

Starting date: 2015

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Completed projects


Objective: Improved control of Campylobacter in primary poultry production in various parts of Europe by ensuring rapid and effective dissemination of scientific achievements to end-users. 


Objective: Bridging the gap between Agri-Food research and innovation in Eastern Partnering Countries (EPC) by bringing players in the knowledge value chain together and raising their awareness on innovation and creation of market value. 


Objective:Development of a lab-on-a-chip (LOC) system for rapid multiple detection and identification of pathogens in foods and animal production. 


Objective: Development of a cost-effective vaccination strategy for Campylobacter in the poultry production, and thus reduce the risk of human infection.


Objective: Development of a software based decision-making tool that supports the farmers assessment of which dairy cows should be excluded from production and when.


Objective: Development of software solutions for intelligent and economical resource optimization by mass analysis of already existing surveillance programs for contagious animal diseases.                        


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