Innovation Realized


We seek to create International commercial successes based on new technology.

With its setup and interdisciplinary competences, Dianova is uniquely positioned to elevate advanced technology to a strong commercial position through market driven product maturation.

 We take the idea all the way to market

As your business partner and co-player, we cooperate and engage in the maturation of both the technology and the business opportunity, with a constant focus on adding the necessary resources to meet critical objectives.

We set a “SWAT” team

We set a swift and comprehensive taskforce to excel the full ‘company package’ to the technological idea – we take co-ownership, as well as share the risk and handle all the business aspects on behalf of the researcher or with the founder/team.

Your success is our success

Our experienced team is capable to lead the project through all parts of the maturation phases from technology platform, concept development and initial sales and scaling. For example, technical prod­uct development, regulatory approvals and establishing sales and distribution internationally.

Focus areas

 We focus overall on Life Science, including the overlapping and interacting verticals; agro culture, food tech and human health tech and have a strong focus on potential digitalization aspects within these business areas.

Contact our Team

Jan Bertholdt Hansen
Business Development Manager
Mobil 2244 1237


Sanne I. Fisker
Business Development Manager
Mobil 2283 0101

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