Proficiency test on pesticide residues in oat

EU Proficiency Test on pesticide residues in cereals and feeding stuff requiring multi residue methods. The proficiency test gives you the opportunity to assess the quality of your analyses in accordance with the highest possible international standards.

The test material will be oat flour with incurred and spiked pesticides. You will receive approximately 100 g of treated and approximately 100 g of blank test material.

Exclusive opportunity to participate in the EU Proficiency Test

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark is appointed EU Reference Laboratory for Pesticide Residues in Cereals and Feeding stuff. We provide the proficiency test for monitoring pesticide residues in cereal and feeding stuff to EU Member states and third countries. Participating in the proficiency test, you will be able to assess both your analytic performance and the reliability of your data - in comparison to other laboratories. It will also help you gain and maintain ISO 17025 accreditation.

EUPT-CF11 is the only proficiency test on the market with several incurred pesticide residues and a compiled list of pesticides to be analysed that covers more than 100 pesticides, isomers and degradation products. The test material will contain between 15 and 25 pesticides. You can find list of pesticides included in the EUPT-CF11 on the EURL official website.

The EUPT-CF11 is open for all national reference laboratories (NRLs) and official laboratories (OfLs) in the EU-candidate states and the EFTA countries. The EUPT-CF11 is also open for laboratories from the third countries, appointed to perform official pesticide residue control, as long as test material is available.

Participant fee for laboratories from third countries: 350 Euro. 


Calendar for the EUPT – CF11


Registration for EUPT – CF11

13 March – 23 April 2017

Expected sample shipment to 3rd countries

26 April 2017

Deadline for result submission

6 June 2017 at 24.00 CET

Online registration

Note that the registration website is not open for registration before 9 February 2015.

Jan Bertholdt Hansen, +45 2244 1237

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